The Superfood Confection™
Ambiance Confections
Intense Cacao Truffles

Our Ingredient panel Says It All,
Only a few ingredients, All of which are 100% Clean:


Organic, Raw, Sun-Dried Cherries

Organic, Raw Hemp Hearts

Organic, Raw 100% Cacao

Organic, Raw Cashews (or Almonds)

Organic, Raw Ground Vanilla Beans

No Sugar Added: Very Low Glycemic Load

Ambiance™ C o n f e c t i o n s come in two flavors:

Intense Cacao Truffles
with Cashews

Intense Cacao Truffles
with Almonds

Finally, a Confection that Tastes Great, Is Satisfying,
& Is Good for You!

Ambiance™ C o n f e c t i o n s are available at: