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Raw 100% Cacao is a superfood! It has been called “The Food of the Gods”.

The fruit of the cacao tree contains a small bean from which all chocolate is made. Raw cacao is an incredible health food in its natural state, filled with energy-boosting nutrients. This amazing food has been revered for centuries by cultures such as the Aztec and Maya.

Raw cacao has been used to boost energy and enhance mood. With over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, raw cacao remains one of the most complex and pleasurable foods on the planet. In its raw form, cacao contains anandamide (a euphoric substance), arginine (a natural aphrodisiac and vasodilator), phenethylamine (a neurotransmitter that can combat depression and E. coli), and tryptophan (a natural anti-depressant). By raising the neurotransmitters in our brain, raw cacao promotes an overall feeling of well being. In essence, raw cacao makes you happy!

Raw cacao also contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants on the planet. In fact, according to Brunswick Laboratories in Massachusetts, cacao has more antioxidants than goji berries, acai berries, or blueberries. The following comparison shows the unique antioxidant density of raw cacao compared to roasted cacao and other high antioxidant foods:

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scores of some high antioxidant foods:

  • Cocoa powder: 95,500

  • Roasted cacao powder 26,000

  • Goji Berries 25,300

  • Acai Berries 18,500

  • Blueberries 9,621

Note: ORAC values are given units of µmol TE/100 g (micromols Trolox Equivalent per 100 grams). Trolox equivalency is used as a benchmark for antioxidant capacity.

Raw cacao is high in the mineral magnesium, essential for helping the heart to pump blood efficiently, building strong bones, and maintaining proper blood pressure. Recent scientific studies have shown that raw cacao boosts blood flow to the heart, brain, and other organs, and it also has protective effects against heart disease. It has also been shown to be helpful in lowering blood glucose levels. Research from Germany also suggests that the flavanols in raw cacao may help maintain youthful, beautiful skin. Plus raw cacao is a good source of organic sulfur, which promotes healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Raw cacao is naturally sugar free, and it has zero glycemic load. And raw cacao is high in fiber.

For lots more information on the benefits of cacao, refer to the following book: The Chocolate Therapist: A User's Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate by Julie Pech.

Ambiance™ C o n f e c t i o n s uses only the finest 100% cacao available.  It is wild-crafted, 100% Criollo Ecuador Arriba Nacional Cacao. Our 100% cacao is certified organic by Organic Certifiers® (of Carpinteria, California). It is also raw (never roasted) and verified non-GMO and naturally gluten free. The cacao beans used in Ambiance™ Confections are hand picked in the Ecuadorian forests, and then they are allowed to ferment naturally for several days.The beans are then carefully washed and then air dried at a maximum temperature of 90 °F. The beans are then crushed to produce cacao nibs. The nibs are ground at a maximum temperature of 95 °F to produce a rich paste, which is allowed to cool to form a solid block of raw, 100% cacao. During the preparation of the confection, the cacao is carefully heated to a maximum temperature of 118 °F, at which temperature the other ingredients are mixed with it. This low temperature process preserves the delicate nutrients and flavors found naturally in raw cacao.